One of the best ways to improve your bathroom is with new taps and mixing units for your sink, tub, or shower. And, with such a wide selection of bathroom taps, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your home.Taps come in various styles and finishes, from traditional chrome to contemporary brushed nickel. The most important factor is choosing something that suits the rest of your bathroom’s decor.
  • Bathroom Taps In All Shapes And Sizes

    When creating your perfect bathroom, every detail is essential and ultimately contributes to the overall look.Several bath taps are available, including wall-mounted, traditional pillar taps, and mixer versions.First, let’s examine five of the different types of taps available:
    • Wall-Mounted Taps

      A tap’s mounting refers to the surface on which it is installed. Taps mounted on the wall above a basin or bathtub are called wall-mounted taps.Wall-mounted taps are ideal for smaller bathrooms and give you more options for layout design. They are also an attractive way to add flair and style to your bathroom.
    • Deck-Mounted Taps

      Deck-mounted taps sit on top of the basin or bathtub. They can be pillar taps or monoblocs coming through a single hole. These are far more common than wall-mounted taps as they are generally easier to plumb.
  • Pillar Taps

    The traditional pillar tap is the most common type of tap available today. They generally have two separate handles for hot and cold water control. The two taps flow separately into the bath or basin. Pillar taps are used in two-hole baths and basins.
  • Mixer Taps

    Mixer taps are controlled by a single lever that can be moved left or right to achieve the desired temperature. The water pressure is increased or decreased by moving the faucet up or down. To enjoy a mixer tap, your home should have a high-pressure water system. Some mixer taps are available in a monobloc style. This unit is designed to hold one or two tap handles as well as the spout. They are appropriate for deck-mounted taps, baths, or basins with a single tap hole.
  • Freestanding Bathroom Taps

    Freestanding bathroom taps are a great contemporary addition to complement freestanding bathtubs. They are fitted to the floor and provide a great way to create a designer look.
  • Bathroom Taps For All Designs

    Let’s talk about the fun part now: tap designs. There is no shortage of styles to choose from when renovating your bathroom. However, make sure you create a timeless look, and you won’t get bored of it.

    There’s no shortage of choices when finding the perfect design for your bathroom taps. From traditional designs to modern styles, from chrome finishes to gold-plated items, there is something for every taste and price range.

    Let us consider four of the best design options on the market right now.

  • Solid brass for longevity

    The first thing to look for in a bathroom tap is the quality of the materials. You want taps that will last, so make sure you’re not compromising on quality for the price.If you want something that will last for years, go for solid brass. Solid brass will last longer than other materials. It’s also easy to maintain and clean, so you won’t have to replace your taps every few years, saving you time and money in the long run. Solid brass taps also won’t rust or corrode.A wide range of brass taps is available, from the ultra-traditional to the ultra-modern. The way they blend with your bathroom decor will determine the style. All things considered, brass taps are an excellent choice if you’re looking to replace your existing bathroom taps and make a bold statement in your space.
  • A vintage look for a period home

    The key to achieving a vintage look in your bathroom is to balance the old with the new to create a welcoming, comfortable space with some character.Vintage-look taps are perfect for homeowners who want to add a little character to their bathroom. Additionally, they complement antique baths or basins restored from old houses and buildings well.A vintage-style bathroom is versatile—it could fit into almost any home. It’s timeless and classic but has enough variety among the fixtures and accessories that it won’t look out of place in modern settings!
  • Chrome for a classic look

    A classic bathroom design is the epitome of clean, simple styling. It’s the look that never goes out of style—and you can bet it won’t because it’s so good that it works in any era. A classic bathroom design will always be as relevant as it is timeless.Bathroom taps are a small detail, but if you’re looking for a bathroom tap to match your classic bathroom design, there’s no better choice than chrome taps. Not only do chrome taps look great with the other features of a classic bathroom design, but they also work well for any decorating style.Chrome taps are shiny and smooth and complement almost any color palette or wall treatment you may want to pair with them. They come in many different finishes and styles, so you’ll find one that fits your taste and complements your space.
  • A traditional option with white ceramic handles

    There are plenty of reasons to go with a traditional design for your bathroom. Maybe you’re a fan of the classic look that many older homes have, or you just like the elegance and simplicity of the style.White ceramic handles for bathroom taps are a popular choice for many people. Bathroom taps don’t have to be an old-fashioned, fussy affair. Simple details that highlight the inherent beauty of the materials used in the piece can elegantly modernize a classic style. Soft, white ceramic handles and a sleek metal spout can create a sophisticated bathroom. Built for practicality, this choice will withstand regular use while maintaining its attractive appearance in your home.
  • Conclusion

    People used to have fewer choices for how their bathroom taps looked.  Today, we have so many options that it can be overwhelming! Bathroom taps are one of the most important components in a bathroom. The right choice can be a beautiful focal point, while the wrong choice can make even the most dazzling bathroom look dull and uninspiring. Also, remember to check that the finish of your taps matches the finish of the other fixtures in your bathroom.

    Whether you plan your bathroom renovation in Ottawa around your taps or look for the best taps to match your current décor theme, we hope our breakdown of the various bathroom taps has helped you narrow your search. If you’re unsure which tap is best for your bathroom, speak to the Ottawa bathroom renovation experts at Black Walnut Bathroom and Kitchen Inc.