Personalized Design

Schemes, pictures, and concept designs are available on our website to help you get a general idea of what your future kitchen or bathroom might look like. They are visual images that can be used as a starting point for your own design, not the finished product. During your design consultation, we will go over every aspect of the design.

Instructions & Customization

There is always the possibility of mutual miscommunication. As a result, we accept all measurements and specifications on paper or via email. It is the first step before we begin working on your installation. Both the customer and the installer are responsible for double-checking the size and quality of all items. Please note that some of the items may arrive in a larger size than expected. This is usually specified ahead of time and will be modified. Customizing cabinets to accommodate appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers will cost extra. We do not accept responsibility for the functionality or durability of any additional items purchased from a third-party supplier.

Appliances and Fixtures

We will install all your appliances along with the newly designed cabinetry. To ensure that appliances are compatible with your new kitchen furniture, the customer is responsible for providing accurate appliance measurements in writing. Black Walnut Kitchen and Bathroom Inc. is prepared to deal with reasonable cabinetry adjustments. If you have unique appliances or fixtures with non-standard proportions, an additional fee will be charges for the extra adjustment work. Customers are urged to always ensure that kitchen appliances are compatible.

We do not accept responsibility if the appliances are damaged during installation as a result of incorrect sizing and measurement information. Customers who file warranty claims must present officially signed documents to prove that the cabinetry was purchased from our company. General wear and tear, as well as damage caused by water or high temperatures, are not covered by the warranty. The cabinet doors have special thermal protection. They can, however, be harmed by water and overheating from nearby appliances. If you don’t want to damage the coating, the position of powerful overheating appliances should be discussed with the installer. We will not refund you if your cabinetry develops cracks, scratches, or chips because of sharp and heavy objects being dropped on it. Of course, there is the possibility of unforeseeable and unexpected cabinetry damage. This is typically due to manufacturing flaws, and it is our responsibility to provide you with replacements or free repair labour. We are only responsible for the prompt replacement and restoration of faulty furniture elements.

Our technicians will never work on an impractical or dangerous installation. It is solely your responsibility if you install any additional kitchen elements on your own, thereby destroying the original layout. We never attempt to use semi-permanent fittings or unstable structures in order to avoid destroying the countertop. If you need to replace a cabinetry element due to a warranty issue, you must present it to us for inspection. This is a standard quality control procedure in which our expert examines the fault to determine whether it is a defect or not.

Contact one of our agents by phone or email if you require more detailed information about our pricing policy, assembly, or additional costs. Our contact information is available on the website. If you have any questions or concerns, we will gladly assist you in any way we can.

Time Frame

The time frame may be altered due to staff health issues, material availability, and other unpredictability. Of course, you will be informed as we become aware of any potential delays or time-frame changes


Black Walnut Kitchen & Bathroom Inc. has a reasonable pricing policy for design and installation work. To protect our clients and contractors, our contracts are time and materials based with a fixed fee for overhead and profit. We bill for the work we do on the project, rather than making estimated compensations for contingency purposes. Customers are billed on a weekly basis. Where possible, we present the sub-contractor or fixture bill for approval as part of the billing cycle.

A fixed project fee can cost a client more money in the long run if less time is spent on a project than anticipated. On the other hand, if a project takes longer to complete due to complications encountered during the installation, additional costs will be incurred.

Should a problem arise during the project, our team is skilled at determining the most cost-effective solution. If we find a good deal on an item, we are the kind of people who want to pass these savings on to our customers.

Unfortunately, we cannot detect what is concealed behind a client’s walls or beneath their floors until it is exposed. Subpar framing, electrical, and plumbing systems are common causes of installation problems. These issues, however, can only be addressed once they have been identified.