It would not be wrong to say that the bathroom is considered an essential space in your home. It can change the entire vibe and feel of your home. However, your bathroom should be kept clean and up to date at all times. Stains and leaks should be avoided in the bathroom.It is best to renovate your bathroom on a regular basis, before it becomes outdated. If you’re unhappy with your bathroom’s current design or layout, here are some great bathroom renovation ideas from Ottawa.

Innovative Ideas When You Are Looking For A Budget-Friendly Luxury Bathroom Renovation

There are many affordable bathroom renovation ideas. Some of the best ones are outlined below:
  • Start With A Pot Of Paint

    It’s the most common type of bathroom renovation idea, and it’s also the most cost-effective. You can quickly renovate your bathroom look by painting your walls. Also, you can change the neutral beige bathroom look into a dark one, for which you can choose dark and daring black and navy hues.Moreover, you can have multiple shades in your bathroom look by adding different colour combinations. You can paint your walls with chalk shades if you want a rustic look for your bathroom. It will be also nice if you add floral stencil designs for having country details in your bathroom. It would be best to choose paints that are moisture and steam resistant. This bathroom renovation idea is not only cost-effective, but it is also low-maintenance.
  • Choose Affordable Alternatives Instead Of Expensive Flooring

    If you typically have a lot of moisture in your bathroom and enjoy tiling, vinyl tiling is the way to go. Since it is made up of linoleum and cork, vinyl is regarded one of the greatest types of durable flooring.Vinyl is a long-lasting, water-resistant material. You can also choose the color of the flooring according to your preferences. What a treat it will be to walk into your newly renovated bathroom and be greeted with a light and refreshing setting.
  • Paint Your Bathroom Tiles

    If you don’t want to remove all of your bathroom tiles due to cost or the mess it would create, you might consider painting them. It will revamp your bathroom while also being cost-effective. It won’t take long at all because it is a quick and simple process.You can paint your entire bathroom floor in a single color or mix and match colors to your liking. According to research, the majority of accidents happen in the bathroom. For this reason, you may want to consider using bathroom floor tiles with a rough texture to minimize your risk of an accident.
  • Refinish Your Tub Instead Of Replacing It

    Replace your old bathtub as a last resort if you are looking to save money. You can easily refinish your bathtub or shower if the surface has yellowed or if there are cracks and nicks. Installing a new bathtub or shower may be both time-consuming and costly.Bathtub refinishing is more cost-effective and less stressful. You can use spot fixers if your tub has nicks, gouges, or peeling paint and you don’t want to restore the entire area.
  • Refresh The Cabinets With New Hardware

    Buying and installing new cabinets in your bathroom can be expensive, but it is an ideal addition for a luxury bathroom makeover. Replacing your old cabinet hardware with new hardware will completely transform the look of your bathroom cabinets. Remember though to match the screw alignment of the new hardware to the holes of your old installed cabinets to make the installation easier. It will eliminate the need for holes to be drilled.You can also update the aesthetic of your bathroom by adding a new sink faucet in addition to the new hardware. It will add sparkle to your sink without requiring you to replace the complete top or vanity.
  • Install A Bathroom Vanity And Top

    There are various low-cost and high-end bathroom vanities and tops on the market. It’s a fantastic luxury bathroom renovation concept! If your bathroom is on the small side, you can find bathroom vanities that are nearly fully assembled. You can also fix them in place in a couple of hours on your own.Vanity units are available in a variety of sizes and colors. You can choose your shade and size based on the size of your bathroom. All sizes will be readily available in the market, ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches wide. There are also complementing counters available that have sinks built in. That will eliminate the mess of installing a sink.
  • Increase Bathroom Storage By Adding More Shelves

    Shelves can be both beautiful and practical when it comes to expanding the storage capacity of your bathroom. If you’re thinking about upgrading your bathroom, open shelves are a good idea. This luxury bathroom renovation pointer will drastically transform the appearance of your bathroom. What’s more is those shelves can be used to store basics such as soaps, cotton wool, and even floss.Open shelves will help keep your toiletries and other belongings organized and your bathroom neat and clean. It will give you more floor space as well since you can tuck things away on the shelves and off the bathroom floor. Place the shelves about two feet above the toilet or tank.It is one of the most effective luxury bathroom renovation ideas for adding warmth and charm to your bathroom design. An extra special tip is the use of wooden frames, which will provide your bathroom with an attractive appearance while still lending functionality.


The bathroom is the most often used room in the house, and it is often the first to exhibit signs of wear and tear. Accidents are also frequently caused by broken pipes or tiles. So, you can understand why it is important to maintain and apply these helpful bathroom renovation ideas. In addition to improving the safety of your home, your newly renovated bathroom can help increase the resale value of your property.